Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands Gift Set

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Outshine opponents with this gift set! Foil cards featuring Stitch and Tinker Bell bring new options to your decks, and the oversized foil versions are fun to collect and display. You also get 4 booster packs, plus tracker tokens featuring Stitch and Tinker Bell art.

INKLANDS INKLA TINKER BELL - VERY CLEVER FAIRY This resourceful fairy helps keep you moving across the Inklands! Using elbow grease al little pixie dust, she knows how to make t every item-even your lost and broken ones.

STITCH - COVERT AAGENT Just a friendly fellow enjoying a holiday... or is it? This exclusive secret agent knows how to hide in plain , making him hard to pin down. Once anyone realizes there's something familiar about him, he's nowhere to be found!



  • 2 Oversized foil cards Stitch - Covert Agent and Tinker Bell - Very Clever Fairy 
  • 2 Playable foil cards
  • 32 Damage counters
  • 4 Booster packs of 12 additional game cards
  • 2 Tracker tokens with themed art